Bespoke Solutions

By leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Algorithms, Human Decoders and World-Class Communication Experience we are able to create unique and targeted performance solutions for any of your communication needs.

Our bespoke solutions will help you to

Build Trust

Communication, at its core, is about trust. Ensuring that your audience values and believes you, and your organization, is key to any successful business or institution. Through our proprietary approaches and bespoke solutions, we will ensure that you are maximizing your communication efforts to build trust between you and your stakeholders.

ROI Analysis

The most successful companies maximize the value of each dollar spent. In order to better understand your company’s ROI, we have developed ANCORED Intelligence which will quantify, through artificial intelligence and Big Data, exactly what your current communication dollar is attaining. 

Competitor Analysis

Competition breeds excellence. Whether you are in education, retail, consumer goods, automotive, energy, politics, pharmaceuticals or food and agriculture competition is a natural state of business. Knowing your own data is key to ensuring you succeed. However, also knowing your competitors' data provides you with an invaluable weapon to ensure you always stay one step ahead. 

Narrative Control

With the emergence of Social Media – and its more than 4 billion users – people are bombarded with innumerable amounts of information. Combining Social Media and Fake News – as pioneered by Cambridge Analytica – has proven to be an effective yet devastating and illegitimate strategy. In order to combat misinformation and ensure that the public narrative remains firmly in your favour, we will leverage the entire firm’s expertise and help guide your organization through the sometime treacherous paths of communication. We will help ensure that you, not anyone else, writes your story. 

Performance Recommendations

Leveraging world-leading data analysis approaches using ANCORED Intelligence and broad communication experience spanning both the public and private sector, we provide businesses with unique data-driven targeted performance recommendations. This turns your data into a competitive asset to ensure that you maximize your communication opportunities.   

Unique Communication Analysis

Through proprietary approaches we are uniquely positioned to provide your organization with exclusive insights into your business. Our strategic analysis builds on Big Data, Advanced Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Human Decoders. We will leverage these cutting-edge tools to provide you with unrivalled insights into your communication data.